After arriving at Girona airport pretty late I was forced to stay at
the airport overnight. So what’s more awesome than sleeping at the
airport? Right! Camping in front of the airport :)

After a virtually sleepless night I took a minibus to Andorra la Vella.
Apparently, I was the only customer to take a ride there, so the driver
drove like crazy. Anyway, I made it to Andorra in one piece and after
strolling around the city I finally found my hosts apartment.

They are two great guys, Brazilian and Argentine, who seem to be
interested in the same stuff like me and are both pretty new to
Andorra. They work for a company that is currently developing a search
engine for real estate, looked smooth and worked quite well. We spent
the rest of the day talking.

Today I went for a test walk to a local lake that they recommended me.
After being there in no time (or at least less than 2 hours), I felt
quite unsatisfied and extended the tour a bit. In the end it took me 8
hours through the Andorran mountains (a.k.a. Pyrenees) up to 2000
meters altitude and (I guess) some 20 to 25km, and turned out to become
a real mountain tour.

Right now I’m quite a bit exhausted, but more than happy that my knee
(that gave up when doing our first test walk in Germany) and my feet
are still ok (no blisters so far… hurray!).
Philippe is supposed to be here tomorrow, I hope I can convince him to
stay here one more day and start rambling on Saturday, since there’s a
party tomorrow night (and I don’t wanna miss that out ;)� )

All the best from Escaldes, Andorra